Biometric Access Control System

Palmki has countless custom biometric access control systems and applications for almost all sectors, be it in housing concepts, data centers, pharma, telecom, hospitality, heavy industries, logistics or more.

Biometric Access Control System


Every successful biometric access control system installation is based on a high-quality sensor. Palmki technology is an award-winning biometric authentication technology. Our palm vein-based authentication solution utilizes industry-leading vascular pattern biometric technology.

The Palmki sensor uses near-infrared light to capture a person’s palm vein pattern, generating a unique biometric pattern that is immediately encrypted in the sensor before transmission.

At Palmki it all started with a touchless Palm Vein registration Module and an Infrared sensor. Today our devices feature touchless tailor made 3D housing, quality and user intuitive design for inside and outside solutions. And there is more to come.

biometric access control system
biometric access control system

Biometric Access Control System


A biometric device should always be geared to a particular application. Therefore, our comprehensive portfolio of applications offers a wide range of solutions.

But we even go further!
Our strength lies in adapting our solution to your infrastructure or specific requirements. Let us help you make the right choices.

Biometric Access Control System


With the Palmki Software your biometric access control system device can be seamlessly integrated into third party access control, time registration or any other IT enterprise applications.

If you have not yet made your decision on an access control or time registration system, Palmki can offer you a web-based management software, either on a local or on a cloud server. It features user and device management, rights management, alarm management and much more.

biometric access control system
biometric access control system

Biometric Access Control System

Vending Machines

Pulling out your credit card was incrementally faster than using cash, and now biometrics makes checkout even faster than credit card or cash. The use of this technology makes good business sense in situations where the same set of employees or customers frequently uses the same point of sale.

At Palmki we have a wide range of collaborations with 3rd party partners such as Original Equipment Manufacturers. Imagine your hand becoming a payment solution activating a vending machine or a copy machine.

At Palmki our hardware is a miniaturized vein biometric scanner allowing an easy integration in existing hardware solutions.

A sector in evolution is the retail adopting biometrics as it enhances the user experience and checkout process. Palmki offers micro markets biometric capabilities pre-built into the units, making the process of accepting biometric data extremely easy and seamless.

Biometric Access Control System

Kiosk & Screens

As the quantity of passwords and pin numbers is becoming overwhelming for the end user, biometric identification has also started to replace commercial resources such as phone passwords and key fobs at work. A biometric kiosk is a touchless kiosk allowing for a contactless check in, ordering or any other application possible. An advantage that is becoming rapidly more popular in pandemic periods.

Hand palm vein mapping isn’t futuristic any longer. It is here now and can help make transactions of any kind more simple and more secure. Of course, it also has a role to play in germ free identification tooling.

We aim to understand your business, problem areas and opportunities for growth. We then can build you a tailor-made biometric kiosk solution that overcomes these obstacles and drives revenue and increases efficiency.

Palmki is also more effective in preventing presentation attacks , thanks to its ability to take multiple scans of the vein pattern of a user’s hand palm and to generate a unique vein map, also known as a biometric key, that is reportedly extremely hard to replicate.

This biometric access control system finds its applications in areas such as membership schemes where the application for ID authentication, building access for members and digital wallets or activations.

biometric access control system
biometric access control system

Biometric Access Control System

Automation Solutions

By providing our clients the design and easy implementation and deployment of automated security management solutions, using our Palmki key as identifier.

Palmki is well known for its process flow advice that is linked to attendance or time management.

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