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UHasselt is a civic university: this means that they strive to be an institution that is as open as possible, where the barrier to entry is as low as possible.

Innovation is a constant here.

The Problem

After an internal audit, the Education Inspectorate decided that the security of the server rooms was below par.

The existing badge system made it too easy for external persons to enter the sensitive server rooms.
That is why a security system was sought in which only certified persons could gain access to the server rooms.

It also had to become impossible for a certified person to pass on the “access key” without being present.

It also had to be avoided that an extra “burden” was created for the certified persons to gain access to the server rooms.

The Solution

PALMKI “stand-alone” turned out to be the solution.
Since the certified persons had to keep their badge for the other access and payment options, they did not want an extra accessory as a “server key”. This would mean an extra burden and this could also be passed on.

With PALMKI, after a one-time, short registration, the selected people were able to enter the server rooms without any problems after simply offering their hand to the door sensor.

This PALMKI solution meets the various needs:

  • No extra accessory or password that can be forgotten or stolen
  • No possibility to pass on
  • Easy installation integrated into an existing environment with existing systems.


100% certainty that only certified persons have access to the sensitive server rooms.

Here we see that, after a break-in period to get used to the new habits, the users are very satisfied with PALMKI: they do not have to keep an extra “key” and they know that only their colleagues have access to the server rooms.

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