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LCL Datacenters: The reference for data centers in Belgium

As the reliable partner in state-of-the-art Tier 3 data center facilities, LCL highly invest in systems and their maintenance to provide the secure environment in which the client can house and run their business IT equipment, without interruption.

Reliable. Available. Connected. That’s what LCL stands for.

The Problem

To keep their promise on the website, LCL Datacenters moved to a 2 factor authentication principle.

Since a badge or pincode can be transmitted or copied, LCL was never sure if the owner of the personal badge or pincode was also the person present in the data center whenever the badge or pincode was used for entering the data center.

LCL wanted:

  • A first visual check at the counter when a person entered the premises to filter the clients from the visitors.
  • An easy-to-use second authentication factor that would not be an extra burden or accessory.

The Solution

PALMKI in combination with the existing badge, is the perfect answer to the LCL challenge.

The hand palm scan is:

  • Unique and personal and cannot be transmitted or copied
  • Is always “at hand” so no extra burden to remember or an accessory that can be forgotten or stolen.

The clients are now accustomed to bringing their personal badge for entering the data center and the only, but highly secure, extra action they need to do, is presenting their hand to the scanner.

If badge and hand palm code match, the mantrap door swipes open in a glimpse.


Clients respond in a very positive way on this innovative improvement in the data center where they keep highly sensitive and important company data.

This change means no extra effort from their side, but assures them the security of the data center meets a higher level compared to the mainstream security standards.

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